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Why You May Need an Aliso Viejo Child Custody Lawyer

Child custody is one of the most important decisions made by a court. Our child custody attorneys are professionals  at representing their clients on these kinds of proceedings and showing evidence as to why their clients should have custody of their child.

You should know, Child custody isn’t always awarded to the mother of the child. Joint parental custody is preferred, but one person is considered the main custodial parent. A child custody attorney can show your case to the judge outlining the reason why you think you would be the better selection for the primary custodial parent. Our Aliso Viejo Child custody lawyers also work directly with private investigators when necessary to find out as many facts about the case as they can.

Aliso Viejo Family Attorney for Divorce and Child Support Litigations

Our Child custody attorneys will spend the time in finding possible witnesses for you, developing a schedule for visitation to present to the other parent, and working with the court to establish which parent is most suitable for custody.

Some custody cases tend to be emotional and volatile. The child custody attorneys at our firm will certainly protect your legal rights as a parent and do everything in their power to obtain a favorable outcome.

We make your child custody dispute case our concern, by means of hard work, determination, and a thorough application of our skills, we fight for favorable resolutions. With attention on due dates and court dates, we make sure you understand every step of the case. We strongly encourage communicating with us by means of telephone and email. We will pay attention to your needs and answer all questions and concerns you may have. Alongside one another, we work to win.

Winning consists of us being most effective and efficient. By means of advanced technology, we have computerized our practice, which raises efficiency and permits us to become more cost-effective. Most of our research is done through the Internet, saving time and legal fees.

To learn more about our Aliso Viejo Child Custody Attorneys and just how we can help you, please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you either by email or by phone. Our Aliso Viejo child custody attorneys will set up a no cost consultation with you.