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The Costa Mesa Family Law lawyers of our Law Offices are dedicated solely to the practice of family law. You can be confident that anytime you come to us for aid, an attorney who is seasoned as a family law attorney will deal with your case- start to finish.

Seasoned Family Law Attorney in Costa Mesa, CA for Divorce and Legal Services

As Costa Mesa family law attorneys, we deal with all aspects of divorce and family law in courtrooms through the entire greater Costa Mesa area. Our divorce practice deals with the different issues that must be determined by a settlement agreement or court order. We have the capacity to take care of great net-worth divorces and the difficulties of marital property division, child support, spousal support, parenting time (child custody and visitation), and much more.

We likewise handle problems that can develop after the divorce is completed. These things include child support arrears, modifications to family court orders, and parental relocations. We all are Costa Mesa Family Law Lawyers practicing in divorce, family law mediation, child support, and child custody.

Costa Mesa Family Law Attorney

We handle ALL kinds of divorces — from your friendliest, easy divorce in which we stand for one of the parties whose husband or wife participates without an lawyer, to the most major of divorce circumstances, such as those needing the termination of parental rights.

We are Costa Mesa family law lawyers that defines the words “conflict resolution” and is committed to helping couples maintain the fees of a divorce to a minimum — and that includes both the financial costs and the emotional expenses. We offer a range of services, like providing the information our clients really need to determine whether or not to get divorced at all.

The better a couple could make their own choices about their divorce, the more they will avoid court and the more money they will save. We use our knowledge as a Costa Mesa Divorce Lawyer to make sure our clients’ legal rights are protected and ALL the vital concerns are talked over and fixed, while also permitting both sides to maintain control over their agreement to the highest degree possible. This is NOT the sort of suit in which a “windfall” check is going to arrive in the end. The fewer money parties devote to “fighting,” the less they will devote to attorney fees and the more money they will have to divide between themselves.

Whether or not a couple has kids, Friendlier is Cheaper. A divorce is a life-changing experience, and we help our clients see the “light at the end of the tunnel.” We are going to make clear how Costa Mesa judges handle issues about basic needs so that the couple could maintain the “status quo” while the divorce is pending.

If the couple has children, the main questions are these:

  1. In contested Child Custody cases, exactly where will the child live?
  2. How much will Child Support be?
  3. What kind of visitation of children will there be?

Research has shown it is essential for children to learn that they are certainly not responsible for their parents’ divorce. Kids understand a lot about life while observing their parents’ divorce: the way to treat the opposite sex, the way to deal with anger, how to compromise, how to deal with disappointment, how to overcome diversity, how to forgive, learning to make the best from a bad situation. Kids uses their parents as role models and, later on in life, every time they experience any problems with their very own connections, they may act just like they saw their mom or dad did.

The couple will probably each be required to take a parenting course and to record the original of the certificate of completion with the court. It’s not actually about parenting as much as it is all about the consequences of divorce on kids. We will provide a variety of acceptable classes to make sure that a client can select one with the best practical date, time and location.

What if the Costa Mesa Family Law case is unpleasant?

Sad to say, occasionally situations are such that the divorce needs a hard, aggressive legal process. Even in these kinds of cases, a client could be certain that we will work with our negotiating and mediation skills to have the ideal final result. Occasionally, a court hearing and/or trial are required. Whatever it takes, any client of ours can certainly count on our devotion and dedication to work hard to obtain the very best result. The parties may go to Divorce Mediation before trial. In this situation, we can represent our client at the mediation, which will also be attended by the spouse as well as his or her attorney.

This should be differentiated from the situations in which we work as a Costa Mesa Divorce Mediator so as to facilitate an agreement between two spouses and their own Costa Mesa divorce attorneys.

Costa Mesa Family Law Lawyers

Family law matters tend to be emotionally hard. It’s rather a delicate balancing act to defend your interests right now while also taking into consideration your needs and your kid’s needs in the future. How you decide to work through sensitive issues now can have a serious effect on relationships later on.

At our Law Offices, we understand the challenges our clients face today, however we always are looking out for your future best interests. As your own Costa Mesa divorce lawyers, we work to have the best possible results for your family. Phone our office right now to plan a free of charge initial consultation.

We speak for clients throughout the greater Costa Mesa area, and we can help you with these and other family law concerns:

  • Divorce and the issues that go along with divorce, like as property division and alimony.
  • Domestic Violence and restraining orders
  • Child Custody and child support, like modification of orders, as well as enforcement of child support orders
  • Paternity / Establishment and establishing parental rights
  • Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements
  • Juvenile Rights in juvenile court and health matters involving young people
  • Adoption, including step-parent adoption
  • Military Divorce and how it differs from a non-military divorce.
  • Hidden Assets and property division
  • Child relocation and parental move-aways parental move-aways
  • Divorce, Foreclosure, and Real Estate Equity, as well as real estate equity

Picturing what life will look like after your divorce can move the process when getting a divorce and property settlement agreement. Our seasoned Costa Mesa divorce lawyers will help you know the issues and possible challenges you will deal with. We do the job with a variety of specialists to make sure that our clients get the best advice. We use that information to build up a powerful strategy to protect your interests and attain your goals. We are always right here to respond to your questions and give you legal counsel you can depend on. We invite you to speak to our office to understand more about our legal team.

Costa Mesa Family Law Lawyers

Our Costa Mesa divorce lawyers center on divorce and family law cases. Our lawyers represent clients all over the Costa Mesa area. We routinely tackle cases involving contested divorce, uncontested divorce, child custody, child support, spousal maintenance, property division, paternity and also domestic abuse. We employ common sense, making every effort to cost-effectively solve our clients’ cases. Once the need arises, however, we are seasoned, effective trial lawyers.

The lawyers and support staff with our Law Offices are dedicated to upholding the legal rights of our clients and know that every person we represent faces a very unique situation. Because of this, we get to know our clients on an individual level and understand what drives them. This is an investment on our part that reliably pays off in the courtroom.

We understand you are dealing with a challenging situation. We’re here for you. We’ve been through the divorce process hundreds of times. Our web site was made to provide you with useful information and facts about Costa Mesa family law as well as responses to many of your important questions. After we accept responsibility for your case, we will keep on to provide you with the correct direction – all the while making certain you are protected to the fullest extent of the law. We offer you assurance and peace of mind during a very stress filled time and allow you to make well informed choices about your own future.