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Garden Grove Child support payments are a court-ordered amount that the non-custodial parent must pay out to the custodial parent to pay for a proportionate sum of the children’s expenses, such as housing and utilities, food, clothing, education expenses, and other costs. Both parents have a duty to help support their kids, before and after a divorce. State laws differ greatly regarding just how the courts calculate child support payment, and child support orders could be changed only by another court order. One of our Garden Grove child support lawyers will be able to respond to any child support payment question, including the tight adherence to child support guidelines.

  1. How is child support figured out?

    Several states are different in their Child Support requirements. Each state has different established minimum amounts of child support. Different state courts have got established guidelines for awards of child support above the statutory minimums.

    In figuring out a Child Support “guideline”, it is actually established by calculating the minimum amount of Garden Grove child support that should be given by a parent, the law directs the judge to first add up the entire net monthly incomes of both parents.

    Then, the judge must calculate the percentage of that income that is made by the non-custodial parent. That percentage is multiplied by the applicable level of welfare payments for the number of children in the household.

    The result of this computation is the minimum amount child support. It needs to be understood that with the vast majority of cases, the legal court orders child support above the minimum level, as determined by local support guidelines.

    Most of child support is given under the Child Support Guideline. This guideline is based on an elaborate mathematical formula. In fact, computer programs must be used to compute child support under this guideline.

  2. How many years is Garden Grove child support supposed to be paid?

    Child support has to be paid up until the child gets to be 18, unless your child has not yet graduated through high school. If the child has not yet graduated high school the child support carries on till the child has graduated high school or turns into 19, whatever occurs first.

    Now, the law doesn’t provide judges the power to compel a parent to support a child beyond the age of 19, except if the child is physically or mentally disabled.

    However, the parents can come to an agreement that child support is to continue into the college years, and these kinds of an agreement will be enforced by the Family Law Court.

  3. Exactly how is child support expected to be paid?

    Except when the custodial parent says otherwise, all child support is to be paid by a wage assignment. This means that the child support payments should be deducted from the wages of the parent who is required to pay out child support.

  4. How is child support computed?

    Some states have a statewide formula (called a guideline) for finding out how much child support should be paid. In the event that the parents cannot decide on child support, the judge is going to decide the child support sum as per the guideline calculation.

    Things that may be very important to the state’s child support calculation include:

    • Parents’ incomes
    • Parents’ assets (property, investments and etc .)
    • Child’s medical expenses
    • Daycare costs
    • Time child spends with the non-custodial parent
    • Children’s ages
    • Child support or alimony from a prior marriage
    • Insurance costs

    Child support Garden Grove might also include the cost of special needs which includes:

    • Traveling for visitation from one parent the other
    • Educational expenses
    • Other special needs
  5. Am I allowed to get child support for the time prior to the child support order?

    If you do not get public assistance, you may get child support right from the day you filed your case looking for child support. To have support from this date, you must serve the other parent within three months after you file your case.

    The judge may also grant child support starting from the date of the hearing, the date the other parent was served, or some other date dependent on the details in the case.

Garden Grove Child Support Attorneys

Every single parent has got a responsibility to provide for the good care of his or her child. Garden Grove Child support is a court-ordered financial payment from one or both parents to provide financial support for their children’s living costs and healthcare fees. Child support payments can be a complicated issue and they are commonly a cause of conflict during cases of divorce.

Whether you are having difficulty obtaining child support payments from the other parent of your kid or you have been ordered to pay for an unjust amount, the Garden Grove child support attorneys at our firm can help. Speak to our offices right now to talk to a lawyer today.

Child Support Cases Garden Grove We Deal with

We know the difficulty of deciding reasonable child support payments as well as getting those payments from the child’s parent. We could help you with a range of child support problems, such as those associated with:

  • Modifications to Support Agreements
  • Enforcing Support Agreements

Figuring out a fair child support agreement can be extremely difficult. Even after a payment sum was established, some parents are reluctant to pay out what they have been ordered to pay out. If you are experiencing any problems related to child support payments, you should have expert legal help. Our Garden Grove child support attorneys will fight to assist you secure the child support agreement you need.

From definition, Garden Grove Child Support is the obligation to make payments for the financial care and support of your child during and after a separation or divorce. Generally, the non-custodial parent pays the custodial parent. A father can be required to pay the mother or perhaps the mother might be required to pay out the father.

Garden Grove Child Support Enforcement

All states run a child support enforcement program. Child support can be taken away out of a parent’s paycheck. Any overdue child support may be collected from:

  • Federal and state income tax refunds
  • Liens put on property
  • Selling property

Changing Garden Grove Child Support Orders

In certain states, child support is usually recalculated on a regular basis. On these states, courts require parents to exchange tax return information to find out if child support needs to be increased. In all states, either parent can file a court motion to recalculate child support anytime.

If you pay support, you might want to request the court to recalculate it if:

  • Your income falls considerably or you lose your job
  • The other parent’s income grows
  • Living expenses change in either household

If you’re the parent receiving child support, you might want request for recalculation when:

  • The paying parent’s income goes up or you find out not all income had been disclosed
  • It’s been years since the previous recalculation and your child’s expenses have increased

When Do Child Support Payments Stop?

Child support obligations usually end if your child reaches the age of majority, which varies by state. A court can order child support for an extended time period, such as up until the child graduates from college.

Issues to ask Your Attorney

  • In case I lose my job, may I cease making child support payments?
  • Are child support payments required if custody is shared?
  • How many times can child support payments be changed?