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Unfortunately, bitterness and spite are far too often a part of too many separation and divorce proceedings. Especially when there are children involved, nothing positive can come out of a highly-charged, emotional and contentious courtroom dissolution. Candidly, in many cases, the disputed issues in a divorce proceeding can be addressed more appropriately and more constructively outside of the courtroom. If you are divorcing or contemplating a divorce in southern California, an experienced divorce attorney at Bayati Law Group can help you achieve the best possible outcome.

No attorney or judge can possibly know your situation, your spouse, or your children as well as you do. In a disputed, litigated dissolution in the state of California, a judge who is quite frankly a stranger to your family will be the person who makes a number of important decisions about your future. However, if you and your spouse can put your feelings about the relationship aside in order to reach some agreements regarding your divorce, you’ll be able to make your own decisions about your futures, avoid some aggravations, and save some time and money too. In southern California, before you make any decision about filing for a divorce, be certain that you arrange to discuss the full range of your legal options with an experienced Orange County divorce lawyer at Bayati Law Group.

No divorce is ever pleasant, but a dissolution in California today does not have to be a long, drawn-out battle between attorneys. Alternative solutions, including arbitration, mediated divorce, and collaborative divorce are all growing in popularity in California, and many kinds of legal disputes today are settled with an agreement made outside of the court system through the mediation process. Although it is not required that you choose mediation, there are some benefits to taking this approach. Mediation allows courtrooms and trials to be bypassed, so everyone’s time and resources are saved and a number of troublesome inconveniences can be avoided. An experienced Orange County mediation lawyer with Bayati Law Group can help couples resolve disputed issues related to divorce (called the “dissolution of marriage” in California), the division of property, and the custody of children.


Divorce is always difficult, and it’s frequently contentious, but the divorce mediation process can reduce the difficulty and eliminate much of the acrimony. In southern California, if you are involved in or anticipating a divorce or a divorce-related dispute that might be resolved through the divorce mediation process, arrange to speak with an experienced Orange County mediation lawyer at Bayati Law Group as quickly as possible. Mediated divorce settlements often provide the best possible solutions to divorce-related disputes, and Bayati Law Group has considerable experience helping our divorce clients in southern California through every stage of the divorce mediation process.

The goal in the divorce mediation process is to resolve the most important issues in a divorce without the need for litigation and a trial. Divorce mediation is a non-adversarial procedure; both parties work through their issues with open communication and a neutral mediator’s assistance. In the state of California, mediation is not only a cost-effective way to resolve a divorce, but it also provides the opportunity for a fair and thoughtful resolution to all of the marital issues crucial to both divorcing spouses. The divorce mediation process can also help to reinforce an attitude continuing respect and ongoing cooperation between the divorcing spouses.


In California, divorce mediation and arbitration are frequently confused and misunderstood. A divorce arbitrator hears both sides of a case outside of the courtroom in an office and makes binding decisions about the settlement. Mediation is a vastly different procedure that is essentially directed by the divorcing spouses themselves. Unlike an arbitrator, a divorce mediator has no power to enforce any decisions or to make them binding in any way. If a divorcing spouse is uncomfortable or unpleased with the dissolution mediator or with the mediation process, he or she may keep searching for other solutions. Still, in any divorce, the following matters inevitably must be settled:

  • The parenting plan – child custody, support, and visitation
  • Property division of the estate–the division and equitable distribution of properties, assets, and debts
  • Spousal support costs (alimony)

In a mediated divorce, a neutral party, the mediator, helps divorcing couples reach agreements they can both accept. The mediator helps the couples work through their issues in a relaxed, non-confrontational manner. Divorce mediators do not make decisions, but they help you and your spouse arrive at your own decisions. You should also understand that there are no “agreements” in mediation unless each individual involved agrees. In mediation, nothing is imposed on anyone, and no coercion of any kind takes place.

A skilled mediator is almost always the key to a successful mediation. Some couples find it difficult to communicate during a divorce, so having the experienced assistance of a skilled mediator can be quite useful to settle unfinished business. If you want or need a divorce in southern California resolved as quickly and as reasonably as possible, mediation may be your best option. Learn more by speaking with an experienced Orange County mediation lawyer at Bayati Law Group. The lawyers at Bayati Law Group has extensive experience dealing with the most acrimonious divorce situations, and we can help you get your divorce on track and expedited.


When you request a divorce in southern California, whether you pursue mediation, arbitration, or the more conventional courtroom procedure, you will need an experienced divorce lawyer who is sensitive to your worries and to your needs, and you will also want to be represented by an attorney who successfully and routinely handles divorces for a variety of clients. Whether you need immediate representation from an experienced Orange County divorce attorney, or if you simply need legal advice and guidance for the future, Bayati Law Group is available to discuss your options and to help you make the right legal decisions.

The end of a marriage is a significant life event that requires sensitive, dedicated legal counsel. Every Bayati Law Group client and prospective client is treated with complete respect and is extended every professional courtesy by each member of our team. It is our policy to return every client phone call and email promptly so we can provide you with the service you need as quickly as possible. You can schedule a confidential consultation with an experienced Orange County mediation lawyer at Bayati Law Group right now by calling (949) 798-5700. You can also complete the form on the contact page of this site, which contains a map showing you the location of our offices. Bayati Law Group serves clients in Orange County and throughout southern California.